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CSIRS conducts significant number of research each year mainly addressed to social global contemporary & innovative issues. The research is conducted at national and international level. The local (national) research is carried out at national level. The research problem is designed to address a specific issue. The international research project is mainly carried out by cross-cultural research team. CSIRS research teams are generally composed of faculty members and independent researchers from various countries of the world.

The interested contributor (individual or institution) can donate to CSIRS research projects at different options as follows :

Type of Research Project Donation Scheme for projects
Short-term (3 to 6 months) US $ 120, $ 230, $ 320, $ 430, $ 500 (Individual)
$ 1500 (Institution/Government)
Long-term (more than 6 months) US $ 250, $ 450, $ 600 & $ 900 (Individual)
$ 1500 & $ 2500 (Institution/Government)

Please contact with the director at for more information about donation mode and methods of payments.