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International Journal of Innovative Social Science & Humanities Research

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2014 Volume-1,Issue-1 October-December View Issue
2015 Volume-2,Issue-1 January-March View Issue
2015 Volume-2,Issue-2 April-June View Issue
2015 Volume-2,Issue-3 July-September View Issue
2015 Volume-2,Issue-4 October-December View Issue
2016 Volume-3,Issue-1 January-March View Issue
2016 Volume-3,Issue-2 April-June View Issue
2016 Volume-3,Issue-3 July-September View Issue
2016 Volume-3,Issue-4 October-December View Issue
2017 Volume-4,Issue-1 January-March View Issue
2017 Volume-4,Issue-2 April-June View Issue
2017 Volume-4,Issue-3 July-September View Issue
2017 Volume-4,Issue-4 October-December View Issue
2018 Volume-5,Issue-1 January-March View Issue
2018 Volume-5,Issue-2 April-June View Issue
2018 Volume-5,Issue-3 July-September View Issue
2018 Volume-5,Issue-4 October-December View Issue
2019 Volume-6,Issue-1 January-March View Issue
2019 Volume-6,Issue-2 April-June View Issue
2019 Volume-6,Issue-3 July-September View Issue
2019 Volume-6,Issue-4 October-December View Issue